Budget & Time Management

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Budget & Time Management

Do you know where your money is being spent each month?

Do you balance your check book when the bank statement arrives?

Do you find yourself getting penalized for late charges on your bills?

Would you ultimately like to save and/or invest more of your income?

Budgets and Personal Finances

I offer a number of services for this category.

I can either offer them as a concierge service or teach you how to do these tasks yourself;

  • Budget creation, implementation, and analysis
  • Bill Payment Service
  • Bank Reconciliation

Jane H.

 “I can now locate things when I need them and am not burdened with the things I truly do not need. Not only is her work ethic great, but I find her to be quite trustworthy. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend her services.”

Productivity/Time Management

If you’re experiencing trouble pursuing the things you’re passionate about, I can help.
  • Creating schedules that fit your needs
  • Implementing to do lists
  • Goal setting
  • Accountability partner