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Professional Home Inventory Service

Home inventory is a detailed list of the personal property and fixed assets located in your home. It also includes property stored in out buildings. Personal property includes furniture, jewelry, appliances, electronics, artwork, antiques, collections, etc.

Benefits of Having a Home Inventory

  • Insurance – settlements received faster because you will be able to identify the items lost.
  • Taxes – help verify losses for income tax deductions.
  • Estate Planning – a line listing or picture inventory can be used to supplement legal documents or information.
  • Estate Settlement – document all your loved ones possessions and share with the family during settlement of an estate.
  • Moving – track lost or damaged items in transit.
  • Divorce – decide which assets you want to be in the divorce settlement.
  • Having a professional home inventory done will provide you with a true and complete understanding of your possessions.

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Advantages of Using Professional Home Inventory Service

1. Recommended by insurance providers. Protects you as well as the insurance company.
2. Time savings. Hiring a professional will save you a considerable amount of time.
3. Security. Provide secure off site storage of the information related to your home inventory, giving you peace of mind in case of an unexpected event.
4. Easy access to information. The home inventory is available whenever you need it.