Photo Organizing

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Keep Your Family Photos Safe

Keep your treasured memories safe and secure while gaining valuable space in your home with the photo organizing services of Rainy Day Organizer. I’ll help you archive your photos and other precious items into a memory box. Keep everything in one location instead of spread throughout your home.

If you’re tired of searching through countless photo books or searching every corner of your home for a letter or journal, I can help! Let me organize your memories today.

 I’m a certified photo organizer with The Photo Managers (formerly APPO – Association of Personal Photo Organizers). 

I Can Organize And Protect Your Photos

Call me today at 206-769-8568 for an in-home assessment. I am available in 3-hour sessions, and I never take a call while on a project, giving your home the attention it deserves.

Complete Photo Organization Service

  • Printed Photo Organizing
  • Digitizing Printed Photo Collection
  • Digital Photo Organizing
  • Scanning Services
  • Photo Restoration
  • Backup Services
  • Photo Gifts

Beverly G.

“Sonja was organized and very, very helpful! We had 30 years of stuff to go through and she made it easy! The resources she gave me were a big help!”