Virtual Organizing Service

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What Is Virtual Organizing?

Virtual Organizing is a collaborative process with a professional organizer via telephone or computer to improve your physical spaces throughout your home.

Virtual Organizing also takes into account your overall productivity. A virtual organizer will help you identify successful strategies and the appropriate products or systems to fulfill your organizing vision and to create the best possible results.

Virtual Organizing services work best if you’re able to schedule regular work sessions on your own or you can work with an organizing buddy to make continuous progress toward your goals.

Are you a good candidate for Virtual Organizing?

  • You need to be motivated for the change in your home environment and have a willingness to learn.
  • Be ready and committed to do the hands-on work, be able to lift and move your possessions.
  • Located anywhere in the United States.
  • Familiar with using email. Will need to send photographs as attachments.
  • Be comfortable using the phone or Zoom meetings and be able to follow verbal instructions.
  • Be short on time or you’re working with a restricted budget.

Idore A.

“Sonja is punctual and very professional in following through with her intentions.”

Advantages of Virtual Organizing

  1. More affordable – In-person organizing has a 3-hour minimum, whereas virtual organizing sessions last for only 1-hour.  Virtual organizing can be combined with in-person sessions.
  2. Perfect for DIYers – You’re wanting to do-it-yourself, but need some direction and support.
  3. Learning – It’s easier to learn the new skills and establish new habits when that is your primary focus.
  4. Accountability – Shorter, more frequent sessions have greater accountability.
  5. Scheduling – Shorter sessions are easier to fit into your schedule.  I offer virtual organizing during standard business hours, in the evening, and on weekends.

Rainy Day Organizer will begin offering virtual organizing services on April 13, 2020. It will be priced at 25% off my standard rate.

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